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User engagement - why do we keep coming back for more?

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Popular digital products and platforms succeed by fulfilling a need, by finding some gap in our daily routines, delivering on a desire or function and have us returning for more - a handful become habit forming. Nir Eyal explains this behaviour in his book ‘Hooked, How to Build Habit-Forming Products’ in which he outlines the principles of ‘investment’ that can be applied to any user engagement idea.

Added to this mix are the ever increasing use of algorithms that are tapping into the appeal of variable rewards tailored for you and compelling us into action. I believe in the positive potential of smart interaction and sense a sea change towards technology with meaning and purpose.

A firm believer in thinking on your feet - I have extracted the science and designed a wall chart for brainstorming sessions.

NFL Super Bowl 49 -  can you have an enhanced live game experience using apps and your desktop PC alongside your TV?

Digital Gladiators ....if, like me, you didn’t have the $3,000 to $11,000 for a ticket to the game and the nearest genuine Super Bowl party was across the pond about 3,500 miles due West from your pad in London, your only access to the experience was to channel surf for the terrestrial broadcast courtesy of NBC Sports. I flicked across to Channel 4 on my 42 inch TV at 22:30 (GMT) for the big game, but I wanted more. NFL game commentary from a guy with a UK accent, isn’t quite the same and definitely not like being there. And besides, I want to know who else is watching with me, find out what they are thinking about the action, those halftime ads and Katy Perry! What about a couple of pics from a fan inside the University of Phoenix Stadium?

Could I get an enhanced dual screen play by play experience using all my devices? I sought to find out.

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Social is Local: Independent research conducted over the 2011/2012 Christmas period, investigating in-store consumer engagement. Further case studies into App/Brand partnerships and how social strategies could be brought into the retail environment to potentially stimulate consumer behaviour. Update January 2015: While Amazon continue to break records, the battle for our £ on the high street rages on, the winners and losers of the Christmas sales reflect another tough trading season. There is no doubting the upwards trend towards online as more of us elect to click instead of fighting the crowds for our annual Christmas shop. However, as this past season suggests, we have major infrastructure issues that need to be resolved before any tipping point in consumer behaviour is reached. After all, a bird in the hand on Christmas Eve is worth two with an estimated delivery slot!

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Entertainment On Demand not Video On Demand: An independent initiative, presented January 2012 consisting of the strategy and development of a new VOD product offering. The presentation outlined the key challenges both in terms of audience engagement and project scope, referenced competitors products and illustrated how the Apps could look encompassing key social triggers.

A Centre for Design: Social Communication strategy proposal for Knoll furniture, to their London UK (EMEA) representative. Aimed at stimulating further focus on their East London showroom, making it a centre for design knowledge, along with their site as a portal for news on product development and innovation. Proposing a 1 year social engagement milestone plan kicking off at Salone del Mobile, international product and furniture fair, Milano 2011.